Arts Education Essential to Children’s Futures
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Building a well-rounded education for a child requires exposing them to a broad range of subjects as they grow. Math, science, and language arts are all important, but there is more to helping to provide a child with the background that allows them to grow into well-rounded adults.

Gregory James Blount understands that art education is essential to development in an educational setting. It helps the student grow emotionally, creatively, and aesthetically. At Eagle Arts Academy, the arts play a role in learning at every turn. The Artademixs curriculum brings the arts into the classroom, helping students grow in new ways.

That philosophy of helping students grow through the arts has extended to Soundtree Entertainment, where Gregory James Blount applies his expertise to help talented young people and their families reach their goals. Soundtree is a full-service firm, offering assistance for those driven to a career in film, television, music, or modeling.

At every turn, the arts play an important part in our world. For today’s young people, whether they choose the arts as a career or simply want to view the world in a new way, an arts education is an essential element that ca change lives.