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Saturday, June 08, 2013
By Children in Film

Let's be honest - In today's social media driven world, celebrities, politicians, and sports athletes find themselves with less and less privacy and they are increasingly being featured on the cover of tabloids or on "TMZ".

The talent industry is a tough business -- we all know that -- but how do you raise a well grounded, humble, successful child star in today's entertainment business?

When asked, independent producer Gregory James Blount who runs a summer camp dedicated not only to helping kids master their craft, but also to giving back to the community, and he had this to say... "I think that while talent is climbing the ladder of success for their own career, it is important that they give back through community service by helping others."  Sadly Blount says, "Today's celebrities often get involved or support a charity after they got in trouble and their publicist recommends it to help restore their public image."

Blount offers these 5 helpful tips to help you and your child star pick a charity to support:

1)  Make It Personal - The key to picking a charity is for your future child star to select something that is personal to them.  Sit them down and create a list of things that matters or interests them, whether it be a local humane society or feeding local kids in need for the weekend.  

2)  Do Your Research - After narrowing down your selection of charities you are considering to support, you want to find a local chapter to get involved in and then find out what their needs are.  

On a trip to Delray Beach, Florida - Disney Channel star Jake Short visited the students at the Village Academy and saw a need.  Over 98% of the 400 elementary kids are on the free and reduced food program, which means they get to eat breakfast and lunch at the school paid for by the Palm Beach County School District.  These same students often go hungry on the weekend.  Supporting a national charity called Blessings in a Backpack, Jake and Greg got together and raised funds to feed the 3rd graders for the remaining 38 weekends of the school year. 

3)  Build Your Team - Just like an actor might have an agent, manager or publicist  - you want your child actor to enlist a team that is going to support the benevolent cause, whether it is friends, family, classmates that can help out.  Enlisting volunteers takes effort and coordination. Depending on the charity's schedule of upcoming events and need for volunteers, you should speak to the charity to see how you and your team can help.  

4)  Raise Awareness - Whether you donate your time or help raise money, giving is all about the effort and energy you put into it.  To support the Blessings in a Backpack program, Blount used a website funding source called, which allowed through the use of social media others to join in and contribute to feed the 3rd graders at the Village Academy.  For only $80, you can help feed one child for the 38 weekends of the school year.

In addition, Jake enlisted the help of actress Olivia Osteen, the niece of Pastor Joel Osteen to film a PSA for the Blessings in a Backpack program, which was shot in the green screen studio at Lakewood Church in Houston.

5) Be Grateful, Repeat Process - They say it is better to give than to receive...  So whether you raise $80 dollars or volunteer 50 hours doing community service, it's all about helping your future child star stay grounded and understand the importance of helping others.  

Research has shown that the benefits of giving include a greater feeling of security, good health, a sense of pride, increased happiness and a love for others.